Smart Tech Imaging

MM-19R Medical/Surgical LCD Display

$2,435 $4,870
  • 19" Surgical-Grade Color LCD Display
  • Conforms to UL 60601-1 3rd Edition 
  • High Resolution: 1280 x 1024 (1.3 Megapixels)
  • Excellent Color Accuracy and Contrast 
  • Can Be Customized To Meet Your Needs 
  • 3-Year Warranty 

The Smart Tech MM-19R surgical LCD display is ideal for OR/ER/ICU, patient information and monitoring, and other medical applications. The high-brightness, high resolution monitor delivers excellent image quality and color contrast, enabling surgeons to make better/faster decisions and perform operations with maximum accuracy. The exceptionally-wide viewing angle enables multiple surgeons to clearly see on-screen images from any angle, without distortion or color shift. The MM-19R accepts a variety of HD and SD video inputs. The robust yet lightweight design and VESA-compliant mounting holes enable flexible mounting options for mobile carts, wall-mount and booms. Backed by our 3-Year Warranty, the MM-19R provides the performance and durability required for demanding OR, ER, patient information and nursing station applications.

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